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With the arrival of summer, the rental market in California experiences a surge in activity, as tenants embark on the search for their ideal homes and landlords focus on ensuring their properties are well-maintained and in optimal condition for occupancy.

A comprehensive summer property maintenance checklist can help landlords stay on top of their rental property upkeep and prevent potential issues from arising during the season. You should address many tasks, from landscaping and HVAC systems to pool maintenance and pest control.

As property management experts at Action Properties, we have outlined some essential tasks to include in a California summer property maintenance checklist for rental properties. Let’s take a look!

External Maintenance 

In summer, your renters are likely to spend more time in outdoor areas, so it is crucial to undertake springtime maintenance concerns, such as landscaping, pest control, HVAC maintenance, roofing, and more. Here are a few items you can include in your checklist:

  • Checking and Cleaning Gutters

Gutters channel the rainwater away from the roof and the foundation of the building. If gutters are clogged with leaves, debris, or other obstructions, it can lead to water damage to the roof, walls, and foundation, resulting in costly repairs. Clogged gutters are also a breeding ground for insects and rodents, which can enter the building and cause damage or health hazards. 

Therefore, regularly cleaning gutters can help extend the system’s life or replacement, saving you money in the long run. It can improve the appearance of the rental property and help prevent infestations, keeping the property safe and sanitary for accommodation. 

  • Inspecting and Repairing the Roof

Summer is usually the season with the least amount of rainfall, making it the perfect time to inspect the roof and repair any leaks or damage. A damaged roof can lead to air leaks and increased energy bills. It can also pose safety hazards to tenants and visitors to the property. For example, loose shingles or tiles can fall and injure someone or cause damage to vehicles parked on the property.

Inspecting and repairing the roof can improve the property’s energy efficiency, reducing the energy needed to cool the property during the hot summer months. It helps prevent water from penetrating the roof and causing damage to the property’s interior, including walls, ceilings, and floors. A well-maintained roof is also essential to the overall value of the property. 

  • Cleaning Windows and Screens

Clean windows and screens can significantly enhance the appearance of the rental property, making it look well-maintained and more attractive to prospective tenants. Clean windows and screens allow more natural light to enter the property and create a more pleasant living environment for tenants.

Over time, windows and screens can collect dust, dirt, and other debris, reducing the air quality inside the property. However, regular cleaning can help remove these particles, improving indoor air quality.

  • Landscaping and Yard Maintenance

Many local authorities have regulations regarding yard maintenance, such as requirements for keeping grass below a certain height or trimming trees from power lines. Failing to comply with the rules can result in fines or other penalties. Therefore, adding landscaping and yard maintenance to your maintenance checklist is essential. 

It enhances the curb appeal of your rental property and boosts its market value. Landscaping also prevents damage by addressing soil erosion or overgrown tree branches that cause damage during heavy winds and storms. You can hire a landscape professional to increase the beauty of your yard and create a more pleasant living environment for your tenants.

Interior Maintenance

Like the exterior, interior property maintenance is equally important to boost the longevity of your asset and ensure safety in your rental unit. Here are several items you can add to your summer maintenance checklist. 

  • Checking HVAC System

If the HVAC system in your rental is malfunctioning, it can lead to inefficient cooling, increased energy bills, and potential breakdown. Additionally, it can lead to poor air quality, affecting the health of occupants. 

Ensure you include the HVAC system in your check to identify potential issues with the system, such as dirty filters, and address them immediately. It can help you prevent breakdowns, which can be costly and disruptive, particularly during the summer months when the system works harder to keep the property cool.

  • Regularly Maintaining Home Appliances

Tenants expect home appliances to be in good working order when they move in. Regular maintenance can help ensure your home appliances function correctly and meet tenant expectations. 

Consider getting regular professional inspection services for electrical appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers, and microwaves. If the issues are minor, you can repair them, while in case of significant wear and tear, you can consider replacing the machine. 

  • Testing and Replacing Smoke Detector Batteries 

Smoke detectors are critical safety features that can save lives in a fire. If a fire occurs in your rental property and it is determined that the smoke detectors are not functioning correctly, you could be held liable for damages. 

Consider testing and replacing batteries this summer to make your smoke detector run smoothly. It can help you catch any issues early and prevent more significant problems from developing.

Other Summer Maintenance Inspections

There are other important items you should include in your checklist to protect your rental property in summer, such as:

  • Emergency Alarms

Summer is the perfect time to test the emergency alarms like Carbon Monoxide detectors to verify it is functioning smoothly. Most units come with a “test” button, and the device’s batteries have a lifespan of around ten years. Consider testing each unit throughout the property one at a time. If you have a multi-family unit, do not forget to test detectors in the common areas.

  • Thermostat

Energy efficiency impacts both landlords and tenants. Therefore, it is crucial to test the thermostat as part of your HVAC preventive maintenance to make sure it is taking accurate readings.

  • Pipes 

Cold weather can take its toll on pipes and plumbing systems in your rental property. As the weather improves, consider inspecting the system and looking for any abnormalities, damage, or pipe cracks that might result in significant damage. Ensure all connections remain properly sealed and that there are no leaking or sweaty pipes, as this can be a sign of trouble and could signal ventilation issues.

Get Actionable Help from a Property Management Company

Property maintenance requires year-round efforts to prevent costly emergency repairs and ensure the upkeep of your rental. However, if creating a maintenance checklist and conducting repairs by yourself is challenging, opt for a property management company to manage complex inspections, maintenance coordination, and tenant repair requests. 

woman with a clipboard and checklistAction Properties is a leading property management company in Roseville, California, that handles different maintenance tasks for owners. Our trained in-house technicians and extensive vendor network do the job efficiently and, more importantly, cost-effectively.

If you need assistance checking every item on your summer property maintenance checklist, reach out to Action Properties today!