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When you’re looking for affordable ways to renovate your Roseville rental property, consider starting with fresh, inviting curb appeal. You can get a lot of impact for a relatively reasonable investment. 

Boosting curb appeal is worth your time and money because it doesn’t only represent how your rental home looks. It’s also something you can use as a marketing tool. Good curb appeal reduces vacancy time and attracts better tenants.  

Discerning tenants are more likely to schedule a showing for the interior of a rental if they’re impressed with what they see on the outside. You can also set some high expectations when you have good curb appeal; tenants will know you’re serious about the maintenance and cleanliness of your property

Make a good first impression with these tips to boost curb appeal. 

Front Doors Should Stand Out

If your front door has obvious signs of wear and tear, replace it. Otherwise, consider painting it. A bring front door is attention-grabbing and welcoming. You can really help your property stand out when the front door is a color that pops. Inspect the hardware as well. The doorknob could use an upgrade and consider installing a knocker or bold numbers that identify the home’s address. 

Video doorbells are becoming popular. Consider this as part of your front door curb appeal as well. 

Pressure Wash Your Property

A dirty exterior is not going to draw good tenants to your property. 

Consider pressure washing before you list your home on the Roseville rental market. You can make your building or your house look brand new. While you have the pressure washer at work, use it on the driveway, patios, walkways, and any other surface that needs a good scrub. 

Clear Away Debris and Clutter

Keep the outside of your property free of disabled cars, trash cans, garbage, and an accumulation of sticks, leaves, and other mess. A nicely mowed lawn is a great first start but do a bit more. Trim the hedges and weed any flower beds or garden. You’re showing your tenants that you care about the aesthetics of your property and that you expect them to meet those standards. 

While a garden can be great and complex landscaping looks good, keep things simple and low-maintenance. Curb appeal is critical, but you don’t want to chase away tenants who might worry they’ll have to take care of a challenging lawn. Discuss landscaping responsibilities and consider hiring a professional company to provide lawn services. 

Windows and Blinds 

Stand on the street and take a look at your windows. Do they look pretty, secure, and clean? Tenants aren’t going to want to see flimsy, bent blinds in the windows or huge smudges and mold growing around the gutters. 

Replace any window treatments that are creating an eyesore. Consider horizontal blinds that are made from sturdy plastic or wood so they don’t break and bend easily. Make sure the windows are cleaned and clean the gutters if they’re full and causing problems around the house.

Check Exterior Lighting 

lightingGood lighting is a security issue as much as a curb appeal issue. 

Make sure the outside of the home is well-lit. You want your tenants to feel safe walking from the driveway or the street to your home. Motion detecting lights are popular and well worth the investment. A decorative lamp at the front door can create some extra curb appeal, especially if you have it on when tenants arrive for showings.

The overall impact these improvements will have on your curb appeal and your ROI is invaluable. Good curb appeal helps you rent your home. It reduces vacancy loss and attracts high-quality tenants

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