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When you’re renting out a Roseville home, you should be treating it like a business. It’s a relationship business, and if you want to be successful, you’ll have to develop and maintain positive working relationships with your tenants. 

Some of your residents will be easy to work with. They’ll pay rent on time, report maintenance when necessary, and follow all the terms of your lease. They’ll communicate well and be proactive about keeping your home in good shape. 

Other tenants require a bit more effort on your end. In today’s blog, we’re pointing out some of the things you can do to build great relationships with your Roseville tenants. 

Be a Good Listener and a Great Communicator

Tenants need to understand what you expect of them. They need to know what their responsibilities are during the tenancy. Make sure you can communicate these things. Communicating openly and transparently will create a great relationship. When you’re responsive, you’re giving tenants a reason to trust you. 

A lot of landlords forget how to listen. But tenants want to be heard, especially when something isn’t going right. Make sure you’re available and accessible to them. Hear what they’re saying and be empathetic to what they’re feeling. Even if you cannot fix something right away, letting them know that you understand the inconvenience will help them feel less frustrated. 

Actively listen to what your tenants have to say, even if it’s a complaint. When you understand what your tenants need, you can do a better job of meeting those needs. If a conflict arises, resist the impulse to get defensive or become unprofessional. Keep the lines of communication open at all times, and be willing to hold yourself and your tenant accountable. 

Maintain a Modern Roseville Rental Home

A well-maintained home is important to your tenants, and your relationship will suffer if things begin to deteriorate and you make no effort to fix them. 

Talk to your tenants about what they need to feel comfortable and safe in your home. This is an especially great idea at renewal time. Maybe a new appliance will make a big difference to your tenants, or fresh paint on a wall that’s become faded. 

Technology is more important than ever to tenants. You’ll improve your relationship greatly when you can be sure they have access to high-speed internet and even smart home upgrades such as video doorbells and digital thermostats. When you’re willing to modernize your home and give tenants what they want and need, you’ll find they appreciate where they’re living and your relationship will get better.  

Provide Convenience for Roseville Tenants 

Make things easy for your tenants. 

They don’t want to drop off paper checks, so make sure they can pay rent online or electronically. When maintenance is needed, make sure they understand the process for reporting the repair needs. Playing phone tag with their landlord is never fun, so give them an opportunity to email their maintenance request.  

Provide Responsive Maintenance

tools for repairsA great way to ruin your tenant relationship is to ignore maintenance requests.

Maintenance needs to be a priority. There have been multiple surveys and studies that show the number one reason tenants leave the property they’re renting is because there’s a terrible response to repair requests

Put some effort into developing your relationship with tenants. You’ll find it makes leasing and managing your Roseville investment property a lot easier. If you’d like some help or additional advice, please contact us at Action Properties.