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What is Normal Wear and Tear? Advice from a Professional Roseville Property Manager

Defining and identifying normal wear and tear is something that even the most experienced property manager can struggle with, but it’s important to understand the difference between wear and tear on a property and tenant damage. In California, you are permitted to charge a tenant’s security deposit for any damage when they move out, but it’s not permissible for you to charge the deposit for wear and tear. One of the best ways to help yourself is with a detailed [...]

Common Mistakes Landlords Must Avoid – Roseville Property Management Education

Today we are talking about some of the most common mistakes we see landlords make, and how to avoid them. Tenant Screening At Action Properties, we believe a thorough tenant screening is one of the most important things landlords can do to ensure their properties are well protected. You need to know who is moving into your home, and the best way to do that is by conducting a complete background check. You want to get a credit report, run a [...]

Best Tips for Getting your Home Rent Ready – Roseville Landlord Advice

Before you begin advertising your property and screening potential tenants, you need to make sure your rental home is ready for the market. Today we are sharing a few ideas that will help you get your property looking good and ready to attract the best tenants. Cleaning and Curb Appeal A clean house is absolutely critical when you’re getting your property ready for the market. You don’t want any personal belongings left behind from previous tenants and you need to hire [...]

How to Choose a Property Management Company in Roseville, California

When it comes time to choose a property management company to handle your investment in Roseville, California, there are many different qualities to keep in mind. You want someone who is experienced, action-oriented and able to provide the best customer service to you and your tenants. In addition to those traits, make sure you use someone local. Having a property manager close to your house or building in Roseville will offer you a couple of superb advantages. Availability The proximity of your [...]

Roseville Property Management Advice – Rent Collection and Late Payments

Part of owning rental property, unfortunately, means dealing with late payments when it comes time for rent collection. Although it’s a drag, if you learn how to deal with delinquent tenants, it can make the process of either being repaid or getting them out a lot quicker. After all, tenancy is an investment and if your tenant doesn’t pay rent, you can risk losing your property. Based on our experience here at Action Properties, Roseville Property Management Company, once a [...]

How Does Property Management Technology Help You in Roseville? Part 1

As an owner of a rental property management service, we are always looking for new ways to successfully manage your investments. One of the best ways to achieve your investment goals is to hire a professional property manager.  Selecting the right management company is the best way to protect your investments.  We would recommend you ask friends and associates for references.  Scan the Internet, check with the local chamber of commerce and contact the Better Business Bureau for those [...]