As an owner of a rental property management service, we are always looking for new ways to successfully manage your investments. One of the best ways to achieve your investment goals is to hire a professional property manager.  Selecting the right management company is the best way to protect your investments.  We would recommend you ask friends and associates for references.  Scan the Internet, check with the local chamber of commerce and contact the Better Business Bureau for those businesses acknowledged as providing excellent customer service. Interview the recommended offices. Review their office procedures, the services provided, rental contracts and management fees.

At Action Properties in Roseville, for instance, we use AppFolio, which is a fantastic software program built specifically for property management companies.  AppFolio not only makes it possible for us to work beyond normal business hours, but also helps owners get instant access to their statements, work orders, and stay up-to-date on their properties. While most owners have to wait longer to receive their monthly rent checks, AppFolio allows owners to receive their money faster. Besides, with so many people doing their banking online, it only makes sense they pay their rent online too. Over all, the software has sped up the process by seven to ten business days. In addition to helping owners, our software program has also been beneficial for tenants. Over 50 percent of our tenants pay online through the software system. Not only do payments come on time, but nearly 90 percent of those payments are made on the first day of the month. Essentially, this means we serve fewer 3-day notices and give out fewer late fees; saving both owner and tenant money. Lastly, our property management software can help with not only advertising vacancies, but placing tenants as well. With the software system, we are able to post out to nearly 40 different Websites instantaneously. For instance, when we go out to look at a property, we are able to take pictures, upload them and start marketing right at that minute.

Asking technology related questions when interviewing prospective property managers is one of the key factors in the success of your investment. When you run a property management business on paper, things get lost more often, you’re less efficient and more money is charged to owners and tenants.

Cutting edge property management technology is a great way to improve your investment. Making the most of today’s tools is the surest way to maximize profits. After all, owning property is a huge investment, so choose a property manager who stays current with their technology and gets the most cash flow out of that investment.

Most renters today expect property managers/landlords to be technology friendly.  A professional property manager will have the knowledge and tools to successfully manage your investment.  We pride ourselves in having the latest management software programs and current conventional banking technologies to ensure all transactions are handled accurately minimize the possibility of errors. With the use of technology, property managers can help landlords keep track of their properties, maintenance and accounting as well as finding reliable tenants quickly.

If you have any questions on the technology we use here in Roseville, feel free to Contact Us.