When it comes time to choose a property management company to handle your investment in Roseville, California, there are many different qualities to keep in mind. You want someone who is experienced, action-oriented and able to provide the best customer service to you and your tenants. In addition to those traits, make sure you use someone local. Having a property manager close to your house or building in Roseville will offer you a couple of superb advantages.


The proximity of your property manager to your rental property will enable that manager to act quickly and stay flexible. If a potential tenant wants to see a house shortly after driving by it, your property manager can be there right away. If repairs and maintenance are scheduled first thing in the morning or towards the evening, it will not be a problem for your property manager to show up. This is important in keeping your property occupied and presentable. You do not want to lose tenants or disrupt vendors because it takes your manager an hour to get to the site. Having someone close will make you and your tenants feel better.

Make sure you choose a property manager who is responsive. Phones should be answered when a tenant or prospective renter calls. Endless games of phone tag will not help you rent your property. Emails should be answered promptly and information must be shared generously. A superstar property manger will be able to answer the phone, respond to requests for information and show your property on a moment’s notice. This is another reason local is always better.

Eyes and Ears

When your property manager is in the Roseville, California area, he or she can make basic, impromptu inspections of your property. This does not mean stalking your tenants, it means a simple and periodic drive by to make sure the lawn is being maintained and there are not packs of wild dogs chained up in the backyard. It means ensuring the property is safe, functional and appealing. It also helps when repairs are needed or emergencies occur. If a pipe bursts or a roof leaks, your local property manager can be on site immediately, scheduling the necessary people and keeping both you and your tenants in the loop until the issue is resolved. This type of service is invaluable.

A local property manager will also understand the Roseville community. He or she will know what the average rent prices in the neighborhood are, and which schools are best, how to find local restaurants and shops and the quickest route to the freeway. This knowledge will impress your potential tenants and help you set a fair rent price. You want to be able to use your property manager as a local Roseville expert, especially if you are not in the area yourself.

Keep your investment protected and promoted by hiring the best Roseville, California property manager you can find. Hire a local company with experience and a great service record. It will make a difference to you and your tenants, and you will notice a long term impact as well as an increase in day to day value.

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