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Before you can place a tenant and start collecting rent, you have to make sure you have a tenant who wants to live in your home. That’s going to require a solid showing process. 

One of the most important stages in the rental journey is attracting quality tenants who are reliable and responsible. Attracting such tenants requires more than simply listing your property on a rental website. You need to present your home in a way that immediately catches their attention and highlights the best features of the property. 

The showing is what comes after your listing. As tenants call and message for more information, you’ll likely begin scheduling times for those prospective residents to see your home. 

Here are some of our best home-showing tips. Implement these, and you’ll find yourself attracting quality tenants quickly. 

Invest in Curb Appeal at Roseville Rental Properties 

First impressions are crucial when it comes to renting out properties. Enhance the curb appeal of your home by planting flowers, trimming the grass, painting the front door, and removing any clutter. This will create an inviting atmosphere that will encourage potential tenants to explore the property further.

You have to think about what your property looks like from the street or the sidewalk. If people are driving or walking by the home, would they want to go in and take a look around? Would they want to live there? The curb appeal is your first impression. You need to present a home that’s welcoming, inviting, and attractive. 

Take Care of All Repairs before Showing the Property

Small repairs can make a big difference in attracting quality tenants. Before showing your property, replace any broken fixtures, fix leaky faucets, and repair any damaged walls. Tenants will view your property as well-maintained and will feel more comfortable renting it.

Don’t bother showing a property that still needs an appliance installed or has a lot of old carpet that needs to be torn up. Everything needs to work the way it should before you allow tenants to come through. Making promises that you’ll fix something does not carry a lot of weight with good residents. Have the home move-in ready before you begin scheduling showings. 

Make Sure the Property is Clean

A clean home is a must when showing your property to potential tenants. No one will be impressed with a collection of dirt, sticky counters, or cobwebs in the corners. Ensure that your property is clean and tidy, including baseboards, floors, and kitchen appliances. Remove any personal items or property that was left behind by former tenants. Potential residents need to imagine their own belongings in the space.

Some landlords want to stage the home they’re renting out. This is not absolutely necessary, and if you do it, make sure that the furniture and fixtures are minimal and conventional. The basic pieces of furniture will do, and a few decorative elements like bookshelves and lamps. Don’t let the home look cluttered or over-decorated. 

Focus on Key Features During Showings

Every property has its unique features, and it’s a good idea to highlight these features to prospective tenants. For instance, if your property has a swimming pool, make sure that it’s clean and well-maintained before you start showing the property. The fencing around it should be secure, and you’ll want to make sure you tell tenants how pool maintenance is handled. If you have modern upgrades in the kitchens or the bathrooms, be sure to mention those while tenants are walking through. 

Make Sure the Property is Well-Lit

Quality tenants will be thinking about a property’s aesthetics, and they’ll want to see a bright home with excellent lighting. Open the windows to let in as much natural light as possible. Turn on the lights in each room, too. Tenants don’t want to walk around in the dark or open closets where they can’t see how much space is inside. Use all the lights.

On the exterior of the property, make sure outside lights are on, even in the daylight. 

Establish an Emotional Connection 

When you invite prospective tenants to a showing at your rental property, you want them to immediately feel like they are walking into their next home. You’ll need to hit every one of their senses if you want to create an emotional connection that is likely to move them towards turning in an application. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Pay attention to how the property smells. No one will want to move into a home that smells musty, dirty, or old. Turn on the air conditioning (this is Texas) and consider some scented candles or more subtle plug-in air fresheners. Fresh smells are good but don’t overdo it. Some people may have sensitivities, and they’ll be turned off by anything that smells too strong.
  • Consider playing some music during walk-throughs and showings. Something acoustic or classical will help those tenants relax as they move from room to room. 
  • Encourage tenants to touch and test things out. Let them open closet doors and put bare feet on the new carpet. 

All of these details will contribute to a pleasant showing for you and your potential tenants. It also prevents them from distractions so they can focus on the property and what it offers. 

Consider Self-Showings 

man holding a house keyIf you want to be present for the showing, that’s fine. However, we do recommend you consider self-showings, especially if you have a schedule that’s difficult to navigate. Tenants often appreciate the privacy and the space that allows them to see the property on their own. You can follow up after the showing and be available for questions. 

Plenty of self-showing technology exists. You can leave a lockbox or a keypad on your door, allowing tenants access for a limited time after you have collected some identifying information. 

To attract quality tenants, you need to present your home in an appealing way. Enhance the exterior, make minor repairs, keep the home clean, and highlight key features to attract top-notch tenants. Consider self-showings. 

If you’d like to talk more about some great ways to market your home, we’d be happy to make some personalized suggestions based on your property. Please contact us at Action Properties.