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Last year, Roseville placed 8th on Livability’s Top 100 Places to Live in America list. 

This is a unique city in Placer County, California, and we love welcoming new residents to our hometown. 

Roseville is found less than half an hour from Sacramento, and its small-town stagecoach history can still be felt even among modern restaurants, coffee bars, and shops. There’s a lot to do and a strong economy. Not only do you have the state’s capital within striking distance, but there are also the alluring Sierra Nevada Mountains in the distance and plenty of recreational opportunities along Folsom Lake. 

This is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts or indoor types who love museums, theater, and galleries. 

The cost of living is lower here than in most other parts of California, and the climate can’t be beat. We get warm summers, lots of sunshine, and tolerable winters that are short and not very taxing. 

Move to Roseville. Here are some great reasons why you should. 

Roseville Recreation and Outdoor Spaces 

People seem to value the great outdoors more than ever. When you live in Roseville, you have access to hiking, camping, fishing, boating, golf, tennis, and endless fresh air. 

Roseville has established and continues to develop a network of trails for walking, jogging, and biking. Residents love the paved system of trails that connect to additional trails in well-trafficked locations. These paths are enjoyed by cyclists, walkers, and nature enthusiasts. You’ll see families taking leisurely strolls with kids on bikes and scooters as well as runners and hikers. The trails touch nearly every part of Roseville, bringing together many neighborhoods, parks, and open spaces.

Maidu Regional Park is another local favorite, and there are lots to explore. The park has a library, museum, and nature trails. 

Folsom Lake is a reservoir at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Residents can ride horses, go fishing, or launch a kayak. There are great spots for picnics and camping is available. 

City Services and Schools in Roseville 

The city of Roseville operates its own utilities, keeping costs down for residents when it comes to electricity, water, sewer, and gas. 

As a full-service city, Roseville residents are lucky to have a well-cared-for and well-maintained community. People spend a lot of time at local parks, libraries, and public areas. 

Families moving into the area will be pleased to know that there’s a great and supportive school system in place. Children actually make up more than 17 percent of Roseville’s population according to the latest census, and resources are in place for kids between the ages of 5 and 17 years. There is a solid education system in Roseville split between the Eureka Union School District and the Roseville City Elementary School District. For those thinking about higher education, Sierra College is the local community college.

Roseville Weather and Location 

If you like a hint of the seasons but you’re not interested in shoveling snow and chipping ice off your car, Roseville is a great place to enjoy the best possible weather. It’s a Mediterranean climate, which means very little humidity and generally warm temperatures. There’s a bit of rain in the winter, but nothing too uncomfortable. The wildflowers in the springtime are bright and abundant and summers are warm and breezy. 

It’s hard to beat Roseville’s location in California. Sacramento is close, making it easy for residents to commute to work if necessary. San Francisco and Silicon Valley are both less than two hours away, enabling people to make day trips. Remote workers who are based in those larger cities can easily work from home in Roseville and commute into the office when necessary. Sacramento’s local airport also makes longer trips easy to plan. 

Art, Culture, and Food 

Anyone who loves museums and art galleries will feel comfortable with Roseville’s creative spirit. Local art galleries can be found throughout downtown, and working artists are happy to talk about their processes. Lessons, workshops, and shows can always be found. Blue Line Arts have created a diverse and brilliant arts community in the area. 

Museums include The Roseville Historical Society, Maidu Museum & Historic Site, and the Carnegie Museum. There’s also the Roseville Telephone Museum, which is worth checking out.

Foodies have a lot of fun in Roseville. Local eateries, wine bars, breweries, local diners, and five-star restaurants can be found in and around the city. You can find pizza, burgers, steak, sushi, sandwiches, craft cocktails, and vegan and vegetarian options as well.

Roseville Neighborhoods and Cost of Living

cost of living expensesCost of living is always a factor when you’re relocating. Luckily, Roseville offers new residents some pleasant surprises, especially when it comes to the cost of housing. This is an affluent city, but it’s also an affordable one. The cost of living in Roseville is about 16 percent lower than the average cost of living in California. If you want to live in California but you know your budget will be stretched in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, or San Diego, consider Roseville.

Nearly 65 percent of the people living in Roseville own their homes. The average home price is hovering around $500,000, and home values are increasing. If you’re planning to rent a home in Roseville, you can expect to pay between $1,800 and $2,500, depending on what you’re looking for and how much space you need. 

There are also some great investment opportunities in Roseville, which should not be overlooked. Perhaps you’re thinking this might make the perfect retirement destination, but you’re not quite ready for retirement yet. Buy a property now and rent it out. You’ll have the home available to you when you’re ready to make the move, and you’ll probably be able to pay it off before then if you’ve got great tenants in place and a smart property management partner

Whether you’re thinking about moving to Roseville yourself or you want to explore the investment opportunities that are available, we’re here to help you. Contact us at Action Properties for all your residential needs and your questions about Roseville property management.