How Roseville Property Managers Help Avoid Pitfalls When Hiring Vendors - Article Banner

The vendors you hire to make repairs and replacements at your Roseville rental properties are an invaluable part of your team. You count on these professionals to ensure your investment is in good condition and everything is functioning the way it should. 

Vendor relationships are especially important for property management companies. We have a preferred list of well-screened vendors and contractors who provide high-quality work for the properties we manage at affordable rates. 

With the costs of labor and materials rising this year, it’s tempting to cut corners when it comes to maintenance. Don’t do it. Here’s how we help you avoid the pitfalls of hiring the wrong vendors.

Property Managers in Roseville and Licensed Vendors

It’s tempting to hire your friend or your brother-in-law to fix a sink in your rental property, especially if he promises to do it for free. Maybe you see an advertisement on a notecard at the local hardware store and you call someone you don’t even know about work that needs to be done at your property during a turnover. 

This can seem like a great way to save money, but it’s a terrible idea. Property managers protect you from making these bad decisions.

While a handyman can likely do good work when you need a simple garbage disposal reset or an appliance looked at, you need to work with licensed and insured professionals when something goes wrong with the plumbing or the roof, or the HVAC. Not only does it ensure a high standard of workmanship, but it also protects you against liability. 

Imagine your friend or another uninsured worker falling off a ladder or electrocuting himself while making a repair at your property. You could be held responsible. Not only will you be responsible for medical bills, but additional damages that might be assessed through a lawsuit or claim against your own insurance policy. Property managers won’t take these chances.

Valuing High Work Quality and Good Tenant Relationships 

Another benefit to having property managers hire vendors for you is that you know they’re well-screened. This will protect your property and your tenants. As Roseville property managers, we don’t add a vendor to our preferred list until we know they do good work, treat our tenants with respect, and provide the best possible pricing. 

You screen your tenants carefully because you want to protect your property and be sure you’re putting a high-quality resident into it. This is the same reason to screen vendors. We want to make sure they will do good work and provide a high standard of customer service to our tenants. 

Your vendors essentially represent you when they’re inside your investment property and dealing with your tenants. If they’re rude or inconsiderate or messy, your tenants will have an unfavorable impression of how you handle maintenance and repairs

A good management company will talk to current and former customers and investigate a vendor’s online reviews. We visit their website and see if they have any guarantees. 

Saving Roseville Owners Money on Maintenance 

ceramic piggy bankOne of the pitfalls many owners fall into is not knowing what things actually cost and how work should be done when it comes to maintenance. Your property manager will know if a quote is too high or if a repair isn’t really necessary. This protects you against the risk of paying too much.

Getting to know our professional vendors and contractors is important to us and it leads to better Roseville property management for you. If you’d like to talk more about our process for providing maintenance and selecting vendors, please contact us at Action Properties.